Muhammad Abdullahi

Reasons why You Should Inculcate Courage Into Your Lifestyle

Muhammad Abdullahi

Reasons why You Should Inculcate Courage Into Your Lifestyle

Courage is the ability to do something dangerous or to face pain or opposition without showing fear.

At times we might feel discouraged or afraid about a problem confronting us,but we solve that problems with strong attempt. At last we achieve our goals no matter the challenge we go through.

Positive Facts About Courage

1.our dreams become true:Every human have his own personal goals and dreams to accomplish. Sometimes we undergoes high risks before we accomplish this dreams. In this aspect courage is the only solution. It exposes you to different alternatives on how to achieve your goals without considering how much risk it takes.

2.Cowardness elimination:It is said zero plus zero can’t make a hero,so a courageous person is always brave and ready to face any social ,physical and emotional problems without fear or phobia.

3.building up of supernatural person:A courageous person is more and more likely to be far ahead of any other person. He always discover his talent quickly and specialize on it.

4.Self challenge: Mentally when a confident person have no problem to deal with,he go ahead to create a new problem and look for solution to that problem. This can go any length in making you a legend.


Stand firmly by courage and act far ahead of your age.

Muhammad Abdullahi

Young and funny love

Alex was the pritiest girl in my class while in secondary school. She was loved by everyone especially teachers and students alike.

Every one wanted to be her friend and I wasn’t an exemption.

I always pray for the day she would borrow some writing materials from me so that I could have the opportunity to talk to her.But unfortunately she never borrowed anything from me,this was because she had lots of what ever she needed.

One day the names of noisemakers was written by the assistant class monitor who who was a girl,and Alex name was in the list.My name was in the list too.

Finally it was time for us to be flogged and the teacher said he was giving us three good strokes each .even though i had a phobia for cane I decided to pretend and act fine boy because I didn’t want my Alex to see me cry.

After my three lashes i went to my seat,it was from there I saw my pretty Alex shivering out of fear and also crying even though it was not her turn to be flogged.

Finally her turn came. As the teacher was about to cane her I stood up from my seat and shouted “sir I’ll collect the cane for her .Everyone was surprised especially the teacher. I saw the look in Alex face she was surprised too.I felt like a saviour and wanted to use that moment to show her that I can go any length to get her attention.

The teacher told me to come out side while she go back to her seat.the tempo of my heart increased .He called me out and grabbed my trousers tightly to the extend that the shape of my pants appeared very visible. He gave me the first lash so hard that I couldn’t take it more.He gave me the second and third lashes where i cried and cried so hard that the whole class felt for me .I thought it will be three lashes but he went on to give me six strokes.

The teacher scolded me and sent me back to my seat. I saw every one showing pity sign in his face but Alex was exemption. She laughed and laughed until she knelt down.

I was very surprised by seeing her action. When it was closing time I went to talk to her thinking whether she admired what I did.she was together with another class mate ,when i talked to her she laughed again until she knelt down.

I though that girl is a witch because she is the most heartless human I’ve ever seen. That was the worse day in my life.

The following day I was very calmed and gentle in school. Her name was still written in the noise makers list when the teacher was about to cane her he told her where is that your boy friend so everyone laughed where I felt like crying. The teacher caned her and I clapped for him.

I learned the greatest lesson in my life that day and it was the most memorable day of my life.

If you really enjoy this joke then tell me what you learn from it.

Muhammad Abdullahi

Such is Africa

The home to respected and responsible people

The place with the most effective discipline system

The home to beautiful landforms and people

The home to great peace and tourism


Decency and highly integration

Highly historic traditions

The most centrally located continent in location

Special facts about it have no words in description


Specialises in hospitality

Economic growth and cultural diversity

Honesty, transparency and integrity

Modesty,craft and creativity

You can also call it the mighty


The young shall grow

The wind of peace shall blow

The boats of freedom shall flow

Good brain shaper than arrow

Sound more decent than a sparrow


Popularly known as the black

Mostly identify our selves by tribal Mark

Great wisdom and pride whenever we talk

Africa! Africa! Africa.


This poem is particularly written on the pride of Africa

Muhammad Abdullahi

Smile from your heart to the face.

That’s why I won’t let my wife to take sefie during her pregnancy.
Girls be careful in hitting your goal weight.
Muhammad Abdullahi

Methods of eliminating boredom in lockdown periods.

Muhammad Abdullahi

Methods of eliminating boredom in lockdown periods.

Most people especially during lockdown and social distance periods experience boredom because they are not used to it.Here are some solutions to overcome your boredom and anxiety.

1.Connect with others:since you can’t get out to be in a crowd with others then you can be online.You can meet as much people as possible in social media where you can build some relationship with them.If you are able to find those that have the same view with you then it’s a golden opportunity. It will help you to be busy and reduce stress.

2.Try something new:Try to be more creative. Try to come up with something new which can help you become busy. You can go ahead to start practicing recipies or writing poems etc.

3:Exercise and fitness:Regular exercise can have a positive impact on depression and anxiety. It can also go in wide area to relief stress ,improve memory and help you sleep better.It can also help to boost your overall mood.

You can choose an exercise that fit your interest such as yoga,stretches, swimming etc.

4:Play some brainy games:Playing games can help in solving your problems. Both for adults and children it helps in developing healthy brain, development in problem solving skills and relief in stress and boredom. Examples can be computer games, whot,ludo,chess etc.

5:Forget about your problems:This might be past or upcoming problems. Try to forget them in your life. If you try to put the points above in action then forgetting your problems won’t be that difficult.

6:Sleep more :Try to sleep for about 8 -9 hours.Sleeping can go a long way in reducing stress and anxiety.Sleeping can also make you to be psychologically and mentally fit.

Try to put these points into action to eliminate your boredom,depressions or anxiety.

Did you you have someone who can benefit from this solutions ?

Try to share this on social media to help others with this problem.

Muhammad Abdullahi

How to develop confidence in public speaking

Today the giving a speech is one of the most valuable business skills .Most people are afraid of speaking in public. Are you also part of them? Then read this steps to overcome your problems.

1. Know your topic:You must know about the topic you are about to talk about.Make more researches on that topic in order to specialize on it topic.

2:look for a coach if possible: sometimes you need guidance from a professional. This can help as fast a possible.

3:Rehears:Now you can begin to speak to supportive audience like family members,friends or neighbours. It is said that practice makes perfect.

4:Dress the way you are suppose to:You should dress attractively and maturely.This can make you feel confident and attract the attention of your audience.

5:speak without tension: Before public speech making make sure you forget about your past and upcoming problems to avoid any distraction. Cool your mind and concentrate on your audience.

6:simplify:use simple words that any one can understand.Avoid plagiarism (claiming someone’s work as yours). You can mess up easily. Also in you should never use abusive words

7:Focus on your audience:Here you have to be careful.Don’t consider you interest first but rather consider them first. Avoid saying things contrary to their view. So before doing this you have to know the type of people they are and what their view is.

8:Take a breath:About 30 seconds to your speech time take a slow and deep breath through your nose and tell your self calm down.

9:Don’t fear any moment:There might be strange moments like total silence so don’t be shocked, don’t show any fear because it is very normal.

10.Look and act confidently: sometimes you may not be that confident but don’t show it physically. Try to look as confident as possible.

But mind you it might take time.Never rush your self in your way to success.Give this points a trial and make your way to success.

Have my points really help? If yes then let me know let’s be happy together.

Muhammad Abdullahi


1.Fire flies are harmless they do not even carry germs.

2.The Nile river in north east Africa is the longest river in the

3.Islam is the most practiced religion in Africa.

4.If you cut off a snail’s eye it will grow a new one.

5.Hippos kills more than lions do.

6.Liberia and Ethiopia were the only African countries that were not colonised.

7.More than 1000 indigenous languages are spoken on the African continent.

8.The world’s largest and fastest animals comes from Africa.

9.Africa is home to world’s oldest university.

10.Emperor Shen Nong was the first to make tea, though it was accidentally.

11.The most early human skull was found in Ethiopia.

12.The human eye blinks an average of 4.2 million in a year.

13.An ant can lift 20 times it’s own body weight.

14.Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa.

15.mosquitoes are world’s deadliest animals. Killing 1,000,000 humans per year.

16.India has 270 specie of snakes.

17.Nigeria is a home to Africa’s richest man.

18.Africa is the most centrally located continent in the world.

19.Arabic is the most widely spoken language on the African continent

20.Ethiopia ,China and Greece are some of the world oldest countries.

Muhammad Abdullahi

How to gain respect.

Respect is a feeling of admiration for someone or something because of their good qualities or achievements.

1.Stop looking for who is not looking for you.

2.Stop saying more than is necessary.

3.When people disrespect you confront them immediately.

4.invest in your self ,make your self happy.

5.Stop entertaining gossip about other people.

6.Think before you talk.

7.Always look your best.Dress the way you are suppose to.

8.Always be an achiever.get busy with your goals.

9.Respect your time.

10.Don’t stay in a relationship where you don’t feel respected and valued.

11.Learn to spend money on your self.And people will learn to spend from you.

12.Be scarce sometimes.

13.Be a giver more than receiver.

14.Don’t go where you are not invited. And when invited don’t over stay your welcome.

15.Treat people exactly the way they deserve.

16. Respect others costume and traditions as it is said respect is reciprocal.

17.Avoid unnecessary smile and jocks.

18.Stop begging from anyone.

19.Don’t be too strict nor too flexible in any fact.

20.Be straight forward in all your affairs And be the best.