Muhammad Abdullahi

What women really mean. to our livelihood

Muhammad Abdullahi

What women really mean to our livelihood.

Like no other, women happens to be the pride and backbone of every society or nation.A woman is a mother, wife, sister,motivator and also the first person that solves our problems from the ground level.

Women plays very effective roles in our lives whether directly or indirectly.

It is very unfortunate that women are still being maltreated in our various societies, Despite the effective roles they play in our various levels of development.

It is said that behind every successful man there must be a woman. She is responsible for giving birth to any human being irrespective of his gender. Though a woman is responsible for home management, that does not mean she is a slave.

A woman also serves as the background of any family, this means that if you’re wife is good you’re children are also going to be good.

It is very irritating when women are still being maltreated in her own society. Despite the significant role women play they are still maltreated in the following ways.

-physical maltreatment: This occurs when someone uses a part of his body or an object to control a woman.

-Sexual Violence: This is the most common and rampant form of maltreated or violence in which women are forced to be unwillingly take part in sexual activities. We refer to this as rape which must immediately stop.

-Cultural violence: This form of maltreatment occur when a woman or girl is harmed as the result of her cultural, religious and traditional belief. e.g female genital mutilation, male preference.

-Emotional maltreatment: This occurs when someone says or do something to make a woman feel stupid or worthless.

-Negligence: This happens when the society has the responsibility to provide care to the girl child but does not.

All these maltreatments are irritating and annoying and must be stopped in all cases. Below are the remedies for these evil acts.

– Showing love and care to all women around us.

-public enlightenment by government, NGO’s and writers.

-Girl child education.

-Government should set a very law against women maltreatments.

Now imagine you happen to be a woman and your society maltreats you, would you be happy ?


-You can’t be a man without a woman.

-Behind every successful man there must be a woman.

-A community without a woman is just like a soul without a life.

Finally the issue of women maltreatment especially rape should stop.We need a very rapid decrease in this evil act because it is getting more rampant in our various societies. Also note that girl child education goes a long way in making her life better.

Muhammad Abdullahi


Muhammad Abdullahi


Death is the permanent end of any living being. A lot died and many are yet to die in the future without any notice. It is a phenomenon that everyone must experience without any escape. Death comes unexpectedly without considering your strength, wealth, Beauty, Smartness and not even your future plans

Did you think that those that have passed away have no desired plans to achieve in the future? If you have that impression then you are absolutely wrong.

As a living being you must have plans you want to achieve in the future but remember that those plans are under probability. They might be achieved and they might not.

The best solution in your life is to achieve your plans before you die .

In order to achieve your plans before your death you can follow the steps below.

# BRING TIME CLOSER : However try setting plans that are not too far ,for example setting a wedding in 10 years time without knowing that your death will come in 5 years time. When that happens,sorry to say “your plans goes in vain”. Try as much as possible to set your desirable plans in a short period of time.

#SET EASY AND ACHIEVABLE PLANS : as an individual you are expected to have easy plans so as to hit your target without much stress. Imagine you setting a very tough and harder plans that are beyond your capability.

For example challenging your self to be a billionaire in 2 years without having any experience .You may suffer a lot or end up failing.

# REDUCE THE NUMBER OF YOUR GOALS : You should better start avoiding too much unnecessary ambitions and head up to start the necessary ones. If that is done then you can achieve the best of your plans. (If Allah wishes)

#WORK HARD: Everyone knows the impact of hard work in every aspect of life so you need to work tirelessly and have patience .This is the habit of successful people and it also works in helping you to achieve your goals in a short period of time.

# PRAY HARDER : No matter how smart you are , you definitely needs prayers. Intact before achieving any of your plans, prayer is the first because you need Allah’s interference. So never abandon prayers no matter how the situation may be.

This points are strong enough to work effectively in helping you to achieve your plans before you kick the bucket .Surely death comes unexpectedly because it is written with an invisible pain .It only becomes visible when it happens.

Remember that this points can only work if and only if Allah wishes and make them to be in your destiny.

Muhammad Abdullahi


Muhammad Abdullahi


Cultural diversity means having a range of cultures with various, racial, socioeconomic ,and lifestyle backgrounds living together in a particular place or nation.

God Have created people with different cultural groups and different lifestyle in the same place. That brings out the true beauty of that place. The best alternative is for these different cultures to come together as one and look for a better way of achieving national development.

Also before achieving national development,the predominant cultural groups in that nation must tolerate and respect one another. Though divided we fall in terms of ethnic groups we have to stand and work together . We can only succeed when unity is given a chance.

There are many ways to promote unity in cultural diversity which will help in achieving our common goals. These can be achieved through….

Tolerating one another: We must learn how to live together without showing any form of racism and tribalism to one another. Also we have to observe others way of life and know there rules in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Intermarriage: This is on of the best way to promote unity among various ethnic groups. When a man from a particular tribe marry a woman from a different tribe there will be a peaceful coexistence and harmony between these two tribes.

Cultural day celebration: Government should fix a certain day that is worth cultural day. This day should be celebrated in such a way that all ethnic groups of that nation have there representatives in the stage. This representatives should showcase there way of life .For example Language,food,dressing,music,art and crafts

This will enable the predominant cultural groups of that nation to have interest in others cultures. That will be a simple way to promote unity among ethnic groups. It is quite entertaining.

public enlightenment: This should be carried out by journalists and non governmental organizations .They should enlighten people to avoid tribalism and racism. And tell them about the negative impact of that that habits to there social and economic values.

After promoting unity in cultural diversity there is nothing more than to start enjoying the benefits .Uniting our various cultures makes every aspect of development easy from different perspectives. Here are some few benefits..

Benefits of unity in cultural diversity.

1.Rapid development: people from different cultural backgrounds and opinions working together to achieve a common goal is a phenomenon showing a great way to rapid national development.

2.problem solving: When cultural diversity is valued and promoted, people from various cultures bring there opinions and the best alternative is taken to solve any problem confronting them.

3.Deepens learning:The difference in cultures can also deepens the aspect of learning.For example a language can be studied as a course especially in the lingual departments in the higher institutions.also studying English as a course.

4.Strength: Even in sports the stronger a team the more successful that team is. That also applies to cultural diversity .When a multiethnic nation stand together as one ,there will be a great strength and strength leads to success.


Still known as the giant of Africa,Nigeria is not left behind in terms of multiculturalism .Nigeria is a multiethnic country with more than 250 languages.

English as an official language in Nigeria,and Hausa,Yoruba and Igbo are the major languages in the country. Other ethnic groups referred to as minorities are found all over the country by more especially in the middle belt and North.

The three main languages Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo makes up nearly 70% of the country’s population,out of which Hausa has the highest population. Example of the minority ethnic groups include kanuri, Ijaw Tiv, Idoma, Igbirra, Birom, Igala, and so many others.

Some of these cultural groups have some similarities and differences. Example is Hausa and Fulani which are both predominant of Northern Nigeria. They are closely related due to intermarriage,religious affairs and so many other identical instances.

Finally we all need to promote unity in our cultural diversity. This will help a lot in fighting against racism, tribalism and ethnic crisis. Tribalism have to stop from now and forever and we must work together in other to fight it .It will only have negative impacts to our social ,economic and cultural values.

Muhammad Abdullahi


Muhammad Abdullahi


Success is a favorable desired outcome which is targeted by every living individual .Every person needs success from different aspects of his life which might be in his business, Education and more especially sports career.

Before achieving your goals you must inculcate some certain habits which can go a long way in bringing you to the door step of success.

This habits include the following…

# Set up more goals and try to achieve them: This is a fact that is very effective .If a person tries to create a problem in his field and find a way of solving it so as to make life easy for himself and others, that person is making his way to a great success. This is mostly carried out by scientists .eg Robert hook, Newton etc.

# Compete with other successful rivals: Competing with rivals is one of the habits of successful people,But mind you jealousy is not an option. Before you know whether you are becoming successful you must compare your self with your rivals. That will help you to become more serious. Success will surely be at your favour.

# Surround with positive and more successful people: Associating with one another, sharing idea and leaning from each other can go a long way in helping you to achieve your goals easily .But know that vanity and insolence can only give you a worse negative outcome.

# Value your time:Actually time is a good factor that favours the person that use it wisely and destroys the person who use it wrongly. Before being successful time most be used wisely so that you do the right thing at the right time at the right place.

# Commitment and patience: patience have a continues positive action in every aspect of life. Though patience is not easy but when inculcated then life will move step by step and smoothly.

# Accept failure with a good faith:The person that count profit will surely count a lost one day .This means that no matter how good you are you will surely make a mistake one day. Accept the mistake and try to avoid them in the next time. That will determine you as a”G.O.A.T” greatest of all time.

# Braveness:Never give up and don’t be afraid of any challenge from any individual .That will make you have a victory over your enemies and rivals. Note that fear can only you distant you from achieving your goals .

This habits can work effectively when practiced correctly. Note that sleeping and laziness can only lead to constant failure. You need to live a step by step lifestyle and count your self among the successful ones.

Muhammad Abdullahi


Muhammad Abdullahi


Love is a strong feeling or deep affection for somebody or something especially your family members,friends and even your profession. Love positively shapes your personality and makes you happier. It also gives you a peace of mind.

When the word “LOVE ” is mentioned the first idea that comes to our minds is romantic or love between a boyfriend or girlfriend which is not the only aspect of love.

In order to live a happier and descent life you must fall in love with your physical well being. The point here is that you have to love your culture,profession,talent and also economic status as well.did

First of all fall in love with your culture because you can never change it .you have no option that to accept it with good faith .majority of people belongs to an ethnic group but they are feeling shy to showcase it,which is absolutely bad .when you love and respect your culture and cultural affairs people will also like and respect it.

Your profession also requires your 100% love and care .for instance people work not really they love the job but just to stay away from idleness .In a situation like this there will be a serious negative outcome to you and the job as well. This is because the job will lack your full concentration and care.

You really have to love your job in order to be more successful and productive so as to achieve your goal and become a Lion in your field.

Even your talent and economic status needs your love, respect and contentment. No matter how small your talent is just accept it with a good faith and try to look for all way possible to improve it .

likewise your economic status .To me the Major course of corruption is lack of contentment with when there is absence of love in your economic status. You will want to have more than what you have by all means which is absolutely wrong.


1.Falling in love with your career can make you more successful and productive.

2.You look more cute and smatter when you love your wellbeing and career.